About Swedgelock

Pictures of Joey and Vern. If you have any photos of them, please forward to us. 

About SwedgeLock

SwedgeLock was started in the late eighties by Vern Haglund and Joseph Dipietrio (Joey). Vern was the dreamer and engineer and Joey was the nuts and bolts guy who tried to figure out how to build all Vern’s creations. Vern patented the SwedgeLock process in the Ninety's and continued to improve on the product line until his death in 2002. Vern was committed to designing a fence and railing system with no exposed screws and above all else, no welds. With his extensive experience in the aluminum storefront and window manufacturing industry, he built one of the most innovative fence and railing systems that has been done to date. From his patented swedging process, to his unique rail designs to accommodate accessories like pinstripe and continuous top cap, he truly built a fence and railing system that is superior to anything on the market today, including welded systems. It is a proven fact that a weld degrades the composition of the metal being welded, and also does not hold paint as well either. Vern also had plastic injection molds built for all his accessories because he knew from his experience that cast aluminum does not hold paint very well either.

At the time of Vern’s death from a plane crash in 2001, while on what he called his victory tour where he would fly his own plane to his visit his better dealers , he had over 600 dealers all over the country. We believe, as did Vern, that the best platform for these products is through an exclusive dealer network of quality fence and railing companies. The president of SwedgeLock Ron Allen was a SwedgeLock dealer from 1995 till 2003 with his install company AAA Fencecrafters in Greer, SC. After new management took over after Vern’s death the quality and service began to deteriorate, so Mr. Allen decided that since this product was so good he would find a way to make a similar looking product without using the patented SwedgeLock process. SnapTight Aluminum was formed in 2004 to build a similar product but was assembled using a wedge that runs through the rail to trap the pickets instead of the Swedge process but looked identical.

APG Meridian bought Swedgelock around 2003 and due to the recession which started in 2009, they were forced to close their doors in December 2009. Mr Allen purchased all the assets, name, and patent in April 2010. SnapTight Aluminum LLC has now become Swedgelock Inc to revive what Vern had worked so hard on. The key to the new Swedgelock is going to be customer service which has been lacking since Vern’s death in 2001. We will not take on any new dealers till we are sure we can provide the ultimate customer service. Since we custom build every job, it is very important to keep lead times to a minimum, 2-3 weeks will be standard lead times.