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Our Aluminum Accessories are perfect pieces to any home. Each item is handled with the extreme care and precision. Each item has the advantage of being a custom piece for your home with our CNC Routing Machine.


Our trellis's can be free standing or linked together as a wall to grow plants for a natural privacy fence. Will last a lifetime, not rotting wood, or rusty steel to have to maintain. Many styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. 


These all aluminum arbor can accent any gate or garden entrance, with no maintenance, in a variety of colors and sizes. 


Our all aluminum mailboxes will last a lifetime, we can customize it by adding your favorite sports team or hobby using our CNC Router. Great for entire subdivisions, much nicer and sturdier than the cast aluminum mail boxes that you see in most high end neighborhoods. 

Custom Routed Signs

We can router any sign from, plastic, aluminum, or wood. See links below to the many plastic products available.

King Colorcore Plastic
Sample Signs