Dealer Opportunities

Dealership Benefits

Benefits of becoming a SwedgeLock dealer:

We offer exclusive territories, so you are not competing with all the fence contractors in your area, with the same old boring fence brands. Our products are top quality, priced competitively, 100% made in America, but best of all, sell themselves. We challenge you to present our product against any other aluminum fence product and let the consumer decide, we know what will happen because we do it every day with our local install company. SwedgeLock sells itself because it is such a strong, beautiful, and affordable fence and railing system. Our Gates are all custom built and we use only the best hardware on the market, from D&D Technology for our residential gates, to Counsel ball bearing hinges for our larger gates. We offer Roll Gates and Cantilever Gates that are matched by only the best gate manufactures in the USA.

Since each job moves through our plant one at a time, custom orders do not take any longer than standard products. We offer more options for our fence and railing products than any other manufacture in the world. Since our management team comes from the install side of the fence industry, we provide solutions to make your fence or railing project an ease when it comes to installing our products. Since we are a smaller company we are always open for fresh ideas from our dealers to make our products better and easier to install.